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Couple walking along St Aidan's Dunes in Northumberland

As the children return to school, a level of calm returns to much of the country allowing you to make the most of the fine estates, gardens, coast andcountryside. We have the perfect cottages for couples and groups of friends to make the most all of these places.

We often enjoy some of our best weather during September as summer refuses to giveway to autumn without a fight. The gardens are having their final burst of summer colour so choosing a cottage set in or next to a National Trust gardenis ideal, especially those that allow you to have it all to yourself wheneveryone else has gone home. Cottages such as The Turret at Charlecote and Malt House at Cotehele are just a couple of the locations where you have access to the gardens out of hours.

In early September the moors are still breathtaking with the pink and purple heather making those daily hikes even more exhilarating. For those wanting to relax with a spot of fishing, our cottages on the Crom estate in Northern Ireland offer the perfect spot. We have numerous coastal cottages including those that are within a stones throw of the beach whether you want to surf, walk or just take in the views.